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Email Marketing: Your Email Design Is Broken – Here’s How To Fix It

Your email delivery rates and response rates can suffer notably if your HTML email design doesn’t display right or isn’t coded using correct HTML. This article is part of a series of tips to help keep your email marketing efforts on track and ensure your email is delivered to the inbox, and gets read GoDaddy email login.

4 of 5 HTML emails use invalid or incorrect HTML. In many browsers, this causes an email to not render properly and makes the email message undeliverable, especially with MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo. Why?

It turns out that most email clients support only a small subset of current HTML. For example, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 only render about 45% of all HTML. Gmail (and any company that uses Gmail to host their corporate email) supports the same – about 45% of HTML. Many web designers want to do cool stuff like, use flash, graphics, java scripting, etc. But these are not always the best for use with emails.

HTML code that is considered ‘best practices’ for website design is often ‘worst practices’ for designing HTML email marketing campaigns. If you do use HTML code in your email marketing messages, you should plan to take the extra time (or pay a designer) to get it right.

Often times, people assume that designing an email marketing campaign is simple – just design it in word then copy the design into your favorite email marketing system’s editor and away you go. Unfortunately MS Word (all versions) create terrible, non-compliant HTML code. It’s common to see a one page email designed in MS Word, end up being 2,000 lines of bloated and invalid HTML code. Word wasn’t designed with HTML coding limitations in mind, so it simply isn’t the best tool for designing email marketing campaigns. Instead, use a tool such as Microsoft Expressions, Adobe’s editing tools, or the HTML WYSIWYG HTML editor included with your favorite Email Service Provider account.

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