The Top Three Reasons Law Firms Are Not Using Digital Dictation Technology

In my profession, it’s miles common to invite a number of questions. Truly, it’s necessary. A Virtual Assistant is someone who has to recognize as an awful lot as feasible approximately a particular client’s systems or manner of doing matters if you want to great configure and employ available technology to assist them do it higher, faster, for less value — whatever the customer is seeking to benefit.

I started out my VA profession nearly 8 years in the past and limit my exercise to virtual assistance to the legal enterprise. Over the years, I actually have requested many attorneys, law firm directors, paralegals, HR managers, private investigators, IT administrators, handling companions, workplace managers, secretaries and others about the techniques used at their corporations. Some use record management software, a few don’t. Some have web sites, some don’t. Almost without fail, when asked what the legal professionals use for dictation, the most commonplace response: a tape recorder. direitonovo¬†

That’s good, because dictating is a totally green method, inspite of a tape. According to Dictaphone, in 1952 recorded dictation turned into set up as “a time saver over handwriting and stenography amongst lawyers, physicians and different experts”. The first mini-cassette recorder changed into marketed in 1973. Do you believe it? That equal little recorder nonetheless in use at most firms inside the US today is the technological equal of being attentive to song on an 8 tune!In any occasion, in case your firm makes use of tape based dictation, then it is already understood that recording actual firm work product is a good manner to get things carried out and if your company does no longer use dictation, perhaps you should be beginning with digital so preserve studying.

Why Upgrade To Digital Dictation?

Although not as antique as dictation itself, virtual dictation has been round for quite a while. The scientific career has been the use of virtual dictation generation (name in and transportable recorders) for over a decade. Why? Upgrading to a digital dictation method furnished hospitals, clinics, physician’s places of work and insurance corporations with:

o the potential for medical doctors to paintings remotely with nothing greater than a cellphone or transportable recorder and net connection

o centralization of document workflow for a couple of person, a couple of web page operations

o the capacity to reveal paintings in development and ordinary productivity

o the ability to song and report diverse metrics and criteria

o the capacity to make use of far off transcriptionists and keep on employees fees

The manner I see it, any size firm has as a good deal to gain as a comparably sized medical exercise by upgrading to a digital dictation procedure – so the query stays, with so much to benefit, Why haven’t they!? (Read that list above again – with your company in thoughts.)

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